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Who we are

The best quality care we can deliver to patients depends upon optimizing teamwork and creating the best processes. Through iterative improvements within these overlapping domains, the quality and safety of healthcare delivery has improved. We believe healthcare teams need the ability to measure and analyze outcomes easily -- for without measurement how can they improve? Ready access to outcomes based analytics will be the catalyst to accelerate the pace of improvement to patient care.

What we do

Many other industries have leveraged ‘big data’ to create business intelligence to improve their operations. To date, this has not been mirrored in clinical healthcare to the same scale. MDmetrix is committed to delivering a software solution which enables automated analytics to be generated and delivered to frontline clinical staff.

How we do it

Accessing an institution's existing electronic data, MDmetrix creates custom cubes tailored to specific specialties. Our simple, intuitive UI allows clinicians to define cohorts and select pertinent metrics revealing trends in the outcomes most relevant to their discipline. Analytics are generated using algorithms based on industry accepted statistical models.

Customer Feedback

Here are some examples of the impression we've made:

  • Fast results

    "Assuming that it takes me 2 minutes to ask and answer a question using [MDmetrix], and an absolute minimum of 2 weeks doing the same thing the old fashioned way (given a typical clinical schedule and limited academic time), that is a 10,000 fold difference in time commitment!"

  • Real answers

    "I was able to take a real time QI problem (strabismus surgery) and get actionable data for my team in Bellevue. This helped bring the group to consensus on a new standard in record time. The potential for this product is unreal!"

  • Impressive

    "I really love the way the application flows. It's so easy to use, and I can't believe how fast it is!"

  • Dazzling

    "Frickin AWESOME!!"

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